Thai Vegan Food ~ Hooray For ‘Jey’!Thai Vegan Food ~ Hooray For ‘Jey’!


When introducing Thai vegan food, “Hooray for Jey” is not me cheering for a friend nor acquaintance of any kind, just to be clear. However, if you’re reading this and your name happens to be ‘Jey’ or ‘Jay’ even, I’m totally rooting for you; you got this. . . whatever it may be!  My enthusiasm […]

Brazilian Vegan Food ~ Comida Vegana BrasileiraBrazilian Vegan Food ~ Comida Vegana Brasileira


Brazilian vegan food is as tasty as the country it originates from. Brazil is an exuberant, vibrant, and wonderous country.  Brazil is planet Earth’s fifth largest country.  As a result, Brazil also stands as the world’s fifth most populous country.   Most of the northwestern region of Brazil is home to nearly two-thirds of the […]

Jewish Vegan Food ~ Oy Vey! Make Vegan WayJewish Vegan Food ~ Oy Vey! Make Vegan Way


Veganism comes relatively easy to the Jewish culture compared to several of the other ethnicities we’ve examined over these past few months. The plethora of Jewish holidays honored every year by the Jewish populace carry with them traditional holiday recipes that aren’t necessarily vegan-friendly.  Then again, whoever said veganism was seeking friendship?  One’s Special Holiday […]