Vegan Studio (My Vegan) ~ Studio City, Ca

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Vegan Studio (My Vegan) ~ Studio City, Ca
Restaurant Description

Vegan Studio a.k.a. My Vegan is a nice, quaint little eatery in the heart of Studio City, Ca.  My Vegan is the inspiration behind Vegan Studio.  It’s been forty years in the making, perfecting vegan recipes and cooking techniques.  The restaurant is aspiring to completely expand the vegan experience, attempting to help the community as a whole grow.  They also want the vegan experience to be accessible to all.  Animal activism is at the forefront of their calls to action for awareness, and they are strong supporters of animal rights as well as healthy living all around.  Most noteworthy, they love being in their Studio City location and look forward to a long business, working relationship with the communion.

Phone Number
(818) 308-7455
11044 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA
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