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Welcome to GeeknVegan ~ The Vegan Restaurant Directory.  I am the owner, developer, and everything in-between, Kyle Carper.  GeeknVegan is NOT a restaurant.  Additionally, I am not a food Critic, however, I am here to provide a service.  GeeknVegan will serve as the catalog for vegan restaurants and eateries in and about the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, expanding outward as time permits.  We will be listing  these restaurants, on our directorial page, Vegan Direct. Every user will be equipped with everything necessary to be able to navigate the directory as desired.  In addition, GeeknVegan will also contain listings on various other types of organic, plant-based, and vegetarian restaurants which aren’t necessarily classified as 100% vegan.  All of the restaurants listed will be establishments in favor of healthy and wholesome dietary lifestyles.


Purposeful Organization

 Furthermore, these listings are strictly for organizational purposes as well as consumer convenience.  Vast Vegan Variety is GV’s multicultural vegan food blog. This is where we will give a cultural overview of how vegan food is represented in different ethnicities around the world.  GeeknVegan hopes to become an interactive site.  One of which plays host to all types of different discussions.  In other words, we hope for discussions to hold conversations varying from recipes and culture to wildlife conservation.  Most notably, it is imperative that our visitors remain respectful and tolerant of each and every other person.  We look forward to keeping GeeknVegan’s ambiance that of a welcoming and benevolent place of visitation; offering a healthy and rewarding atmosphere.  Thank you for your time and attention and we look forward to a long and productive future.  Stay tuned for a lot more to come from GeeknVegan ~ The Vegan Restaurant Directory.

Asian Vegan Food

Japanese Vegan Food ~ Umami…

March 1, 2020

Japanese Vegan Food, or vegan food in Japan is a little bit more complicated than one might initially think.  Japanese...

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