Mexican Vegan Food ~ Celebrate Vegana de Mexicana


Comida Vegana de Mexicana is just as exquisitely flavored as any other cuisine of Mexican origin.  The concept of plant-based dieting  is not completely foreign to Mexico. The Indigenous ancestors of Mexico did not consume milk produced by other species. As a matter of fact, their diet completely omitted the consumption of dairy all together. No, they were not vegans, however, Mexican food of today contains far greater animal products than the days of Mexico’s ancestors. Vegetables have always been the key elemental components of Mexican food according to Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment ProjectMexican vegan food happens to contain a few vegetables.


Beloved Tamales; Hearty Chilaquiles

Tamales are a delicious and beloved Mexican dish that definitely has a vegan version ready to be savored down to the last bite. Tamales have been prepared for over 1,000 years by the Indigenous ancestors of Mexico. They are still being prepped in kitchens all over the world today. They are usually being introduced around the dinner table during the holidays because preparing tamales isn’t the easiest task one enjoys taking on.  Chilaquiles is a hearty dish which some might refer to as comfort food.  In any case, it’s simply delicious!  Chilaquiles are fried tortilla strips based in a zesty and spicy tomato gravy or sauce.

Mexican potatoes are one of my personal favorites! Good, hearty, healthy portions of potatoes cooked ever so perfectly topped with precise combinations of seasonings and spices. This dish is not done until peppers are added to the entrée, preferably serrano peppers to give it that much need Mexican flavor and kick! (,2007)