Italian Vegan Food ~ Cibo Vegano Italiano

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Italian Vegan Food is as supple as a sun drenched hammock Sunday morning under the kiss of early dew drops and honeysuckle trickling off Impatient blooms as dusk season fireflies dance about in the twilight. OK, so maybe my Shakespearean vernacular didn’t quite get the juices flowing but it was a nice effort. If I say so, huh? Well, how about Vegan Orange Almond Biscotti? On the other hand, how does Vegan Asparagus Risotto with a hint of lemon zest tickle your fancy? Ah-ha! A few ears perk up did they? I’m sure I hear tummies groaning and mumbling about. Maybe it’s just mine I heard. Nevertheless, these are true Italian Vegan dishes that people are coating their bellies with everyday, right here in the states. Very D.I.Y. friendly as well.  No boisterous Chef Emeril’s “BANG!” echoing around your kitchen. Minus all the rude Chef Ramsay slurs being slung over the center island. It’s just you and your kitchenware and a touch of Tuscany if you dare!

The SunCafe Organic is an award winning rustic vegan world cuisine eatery located in Studio City on Ventura Blvd. They feature a 100% dairy free, plant-based, vegan menu. The plethora of plate options accommodates all types of entrees offering your tastes buds an array of flavor variations. Co-owner and head chef of SunCafe, Ron Russell, hasn’t eaten meat in over forty years.  He adopted a vegetarian diet during his college years and didn’t look back. His inspiration for traditional cuisine developed into healthier options eventually progressing all the way to a strictly plant based medley of food. Ron often incorporates his own unique vegan recipies, even lecturing on wellness when time permits.