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Doomies Home Cookin’ (Hollywood)
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One of the first questions posed on Doomies Home Cookin’s “Faq” page of their website is: “Is everything vegan”? The answer is a resounding, “Yes”! Ok, so maybe the intoductory “faq” page portion of their website isn’t far as dramatic as this description’s portrayl.  However, there is no need for dramatizations of any kind when you make vegan food the way Doomie’s is known for! I mean a “Peanut Butter Bacon Burger”?!  Are you serious?! Just to recite those words is mouthwatering! A little eccentric, yes. Then again, it is Hollywood we’re talking about here!  Doomie’s Home Cookin, the Hollywood location, is located on Vine St. The heart of Hollywood.

Although Doomies Home Cookin is everything vegan, they emphasize that their food is prepared on a fryer. If one happens to be gluten-sensitve, they might want to give one of their other locations (NextMex-Vine St.) a try or email them for any questions or concerns. Otherwise, it’s pretty safe to say, the menu is indicative of the title. Great vegan food that makes you feel good in the very heart of “Tensiletown”!

Phone Number:
(323) 469-4897
1253 Vine St # 9, Los Angeles, CA
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