The Vegan Joint (West LA)

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The Vegan Joint (West LA)
Vegan Cuisine
Restaurant Description

The Vegan Joint (West LA) or The Vegan Store is your neighborhood vegan eatery “joint” located in, you guessed it, West Los Angeles!  They serve everything from pancakes to lentil burgers and sandwhich wraps.  The Vegan Joint is your “everyone’s” place because they manage to cook up just about everything to dazzle the tastebuds.  Their specialty, if one were to synthesize a culinary pick, would have to be Thai.  Their Facebook Profile stated Thai food with an emphasis on “especially” in their description.

This eatery maintains a devoted following of well over 6,000 “liking” and commenting on their establishment.  As one can clearly see, they are very well appreciated by the community for their fine dining.  The Vegan Joint is right in the heart of West Los Angeles.  GeeknVegan’s assured they would love to have new or returning customers recommeded to them by The Vegan Restaurant Directory!

Phone Number
(310) 559-1357
10438 National Blvd #4664, Los Angeles, CA
ZIP Code

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