Little Pine Vegan Restaurant

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Little Pine Vegan Restaurant
Restaurant Description

Little Pine Vegan Restaurant is a Mediterranean, plant-based vegan establishment. This quaint little eatery is 100% organic and is located in Silverlake, Ca. Like numerous other restaurants in Los Angeles, it has fallen victim to stereotypical descriptions being called chic and trendy. However, Little Pine is unlike many other restaurants in the fact that it is owned and operated by a famous musician. Singer/Songwriter/Producer Richard Melville Hall, famously known as ‘Moby‘, is the proud owner of this little bistro. Moby is an outspoken animal rights activist. As a result, Moby makes sure that all of Little Pine’s profits go to animal welfare organizations. Little Pine might be owned by someone famous, but they are truly a ‘real-deal’ organic restaurant and they want everyone to know it. They feature dishes like their Crispy broccoli arancini with pesto that is said to be unbelievably divine.

Phone Number
(323) 741-8148
2870 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA
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