Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

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Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine
Restaurant Description

Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine grew out of a family tradition. This tradition started with a Sunday gathering.  The people of Azla recognized the trials and tribulations of the world and how quickly one can get swept up into the Frey.  As a result, they make it a point to  honor the traditions of the past.   The traditions of gathering around the Sunday dinner table to strengthen family bonds. They also strengthen their beliefs, fortifying their faith.  All guests are welcomed to this restaurant with an equal amount of benevolence and hospitality.  Chef Azla, demonstrates her kindness to each and every patron.  Art and storytelling are the centerpieces for community togetherness in Ethiopia.  Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine restaurateurs sustain a deeply rooted love for community.

Phone Number
(213) 745-7455
3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA
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