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Julie Goes Green Italian Vegan Restaurant
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Julie Goes Green Italian Vegan Restaurant is an Italian vegan establishment that has somewhat of a heroic tale in its past. Due to a few little setbacks earlier in their development, Julie decided to put her establishment on hold for a second. She decided she had a few things to do before she went at her business full force. That’s exactly what she did and now she is back and better than ever! This eatery is quoted as “The first plant based Italian food /Pizzeria restaurant in LA!” Julie Goes Green is “the new and improved iteration of Julie’s pizzeria. Our compassion for nature and animals is the primary reason for converting to a plant based eatery Italian food.” say’s Julie and her enthusiastic staff.


Phone Number:
(310) 398-4620
11140 Palms Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
ZIP Code:

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